Lie to me just once and let me see his luck. Let me see a better world then send me back at once, lest I live the lie that you could ever love me. – © Sam Hunt, 2017 Advertisements

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Recorded Delivery

Dearest,   Fear is behind me and my mind is the clearest it’s been in years.   I’ve pushed past the precipice and I’m plummeting towards purgatory. I love you and I’m no longer scared of anything.   Take it as a compliment that I’m taking you to the grave. – © Sam Hunt, 2017

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Love Lifeless

I’d love a failure. I’d covet the collapse of romantic endeavour, such is my desperation. I envy the freshly broken. Their pain is that of recent loss, while I lay like a stone suffocating in moss. They’re in between jobs while I languish on the dole. My heart is a downward spiral. My life is […]

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Polite Requests

Men have moved to cities where I’ve wanted to live – cities I can’t afford, cities I’m not good enough for – only to complain that the trains are late and that somehow they’re bored. The life I want is in their hands, and yet their gratitude is low in demand.   I can’t presume […]

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I Am the End of the World

I am the end of the world. I am the earth made barren and robbed of utility. I am scorched beyond fertility.   I am the craters in the earth on once-inhabited land, ever-deepening from nuclear attacks, sustained long after the dead became dust.   I am the great flood. I drown all hope of […]

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You played piano as I held your hands. I felt your fingers glide across the keys, striking my beating strings like you were born for me to love, and in that moment you were Mozart. Ever since you’ve been Schoenberg, causing discord that I can’t help but applaud; music I laud as much as it […]

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