Home Like Vice

Blue made away for grey again. Waves were swapped for pavements and tarmac, the blackness of pollution in place of fresh sea air. What a state of affairs to be anchored inland yet crave to see horizons from the sand. – © Sam Hunt, 2018 Advertisements

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Call me when you’ve given up, when “the one” has stood you up again and Prince Charming is fading like a dream in morning. Drop me a line when you’ve dropped your standards and I’ll dampen your disappointment to the best of my ability. – © Sam Hunt, 2018

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Settle Down

In the mirror I see grey hair. I’m twenty-six but I don’t care, I may as well be dead and so we may as well be wed. I care less about our first date than I do my sell-by date, so let’s get hitched in haste; let’s marry out of fear lest we’re ditched as […]

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A Look of Concern

I’ll swim this summer with scars in place of open wounds. Salt can circle safe outside my bloodstream. Sometimes my eyes sting from the ocean, but my father once told me to hold my eyes as open as much as I could while he washed the sea out of them with clearer water. Twenty years later […]

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Reaching In

Aren’t we told that we’re alone, that the onus is on us to look after number one because no one else will? Will a Facebook status make us open up and save us from ourselves?   Figure it out. Everything else is a bonus. Hell is empty, so learn to live alone. – © Sam […]

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Protection lies in abjection. When no one can love you, you’re safe from rejection. – © Sam Hunt, 2018

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Forbidden Knowledge

I’m not myself apparently. I’m tempted to agree admittedly, if only just to keep their eyes away from me, but I don’t know who I’m meant to be. I don’t know who myself is anymore, at least as long as it exists beyond my current state. I haven’t always been like this, but these gazes I’ve exchanged […]

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