16th May

It’s a shame we can’t shake hands across this canyon but I’m happy for you. Had this land not split between us all those years ago I like to think I may have got to know much sooner, but ignore my selfish sunken chest. I truly and sincerely wish you both the very best. – […]

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Those days have gone. Hope absconded with my fondness for adventure. This sun collapsed and darkness reigns where once it shone. Those days have gone. – © Sam Hunt, 2018

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All I regret is causing my mother distress. I knew she would be rendered inconsolable and disgusted with me, and it broke my heart to envision that, but ultimately it only affirmed the virtue of what I had committed myself to. That my own mother’s anguish should be subordinate to it – and that her […]

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Are my parents dead? Is the world about to end? Explain the tightness in my chest, this nameless, all-consuming dread.   Worst of all is all of this still won’t prepare me for my father’s grave or nuclear war. What a wildly way to waste such torment. – © Sam Hunt, 2018

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The first time we kissed I envisioned my funeral, and for the first time it didn’t scare me. I’ve never told her that. It’s wise to know when to keep your mouth shut. “Are you okay?” she asked as she put her hand across my face, gently drawing me towards hers to kiss me. Her […]

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Should you chance upon this happenstance where life is lived without romance, relax when they chatter and glance at you askance. Skilful solitude can save oneself from suicide when given time. – © Sam Hunt, 2018

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