Reluctantly I concede that I am indeed in need of you, whoever you may be, in whatever quantity. I’m sure we could agree that I bring out the worst in me. – © Sam Hunt, 2019 Advertisements

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She nestled up to me as if I could help her, and I held her just the same. “I’m sorry”, she said. “It’s okay.” The most I could do for her was to tell her it was okay, that she needn’t apologise for being miserable. Nevertheless, I held her hoping I could protect her. I […]

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Your heart is in your eyes. They shine like daylight seeping through the woodwork of an abandoned house. They’re glazed with thrills and pains from the past like cocaine stains on CD cases. If only for a moment, I’m everywhere and nowhere. – © Sam Hunt, 2019

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I haven’t the heart nor the will to tell you just how miserable the weather is. It’s as grey as death and as cold as loss, and the rain is beating down like a vengeful god. I’ll keep the curtains drawn and pray that you don’t tear them down someday. – © Sam Hunt, 2018

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16th May

It’s a shame we can’t shake hands across this canyon but I’m happy for you. Had this land not split between us all those years ago I like to think I may have got to know much sooner, but ignore my selfish sunken chest. I truly and sincerely wish you both the very best. – […]

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Those days have gone. Hope absconded with my fondness for adventure. This sun collapsed and darkness reigns where once it shone. Those days have gone. – © Sam Hunt, 2018

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