Change, for you, is not a priority. You favour mockery over empathy. If we cleaned up you’d lose your identity.   You want these streets to be littered with alcies, addicts and deadbeats, because without them you’re nothing, so you call for punishment like a teacher with a fondness for the feel of the cane […]

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Ten and Two Weeks

My arms have learned to keep my sides company. Their placards have drifted above their heads while I’ve learned to wait and hope for misery, because all of their soundbites that bite at the sky from megaphones held by optimists who I despise and admire are ones that I wish could fuel my own utopia, […]

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I don’t believe in life, so I’ve become religious. Every Sunday, bright and early, I guarantee my entry to the observation deck, where I can sit with my telescope from death and watch as my creations drown in the acclaim of which they gasped for while my heart was beating.   I swear to my […]

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I know your sister hates me. I know you’re optimistic. I know your boyfriend loves you and I know you love him too, but for a minute I knew your hands. For two seconds I knew your eyes, blue enough to show the future, and for five years I’ve known agony, from wanting to die […]

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