I know every inch of this island and can’t stand the sight of it. I flinch at the hills and the tips of the trees as they rise from the valleys I visit each day. I stare at the storms at sea encircling me from the edge of the bay. The last of the settlers […]

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An Imaginary Ending

I may one day forget the way your hands felt, and might lose sight of the blue of your eyes. I’m wading through old age with a failing brain, a plight with frightening capabilities, but disease won’t debilitate the past, and this winding, derelict path remains alight in sections long since trodden with traces of your […]

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Loose Ends

If only the afterlife appealed to me, then maybe I’d convince myself that we’ll see each other again, that all I have to do is wait to die to look into your eyes again, but in my heart I sense the pain of growing old without you, of knowing that the next time we’ll meet […]

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Recorded Delivery

Dearest,   Fear is behind me and my mind is the clearest it’s been in years.   I’ve pushed past the precipice and I’m plummeting towards purgatory. I love you and I’m no longer scared of anything.   Take it as a compliment that I’m taking you to the grave. – © Sam Hunt, 2017

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Love Lifeless

I’d love a failure. I’d covet the collapse of romantic endeavour, such is my desperation. I envy the freshly broken. Their pain is that of recent loss, while I lay like a stone suffocating in moss. They’re in between jobs while I languish on the dole. My heart is a downward spiral. My life is […]

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Polite Requests

Men have moved to cities where I’ve wanted to live – cities I can’t afford, cities I’m not good enough for – only to complain that the trains are late and that somehow they’re bored. The life I want is in their hands, and yet their gratitude is low in demand.   I can’t presume […]

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